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Successes through projects

Projects lead to new shores, professional success and private happiness

Projects improve the world. Projects develop something new. Projects shape the future.

But projects are also exhausting, risky and complicated.


EVERYONE should therefore

the basics of projects and project management

know, understand and apply.


The project management guidelines ISO 21500 describe on approx. 40 pages the essentials in an understandable and compressed form. They form the lowest common denominator of all the world’s leading project management standards and are therefore the ideal entry point and framework for anyone who wants to make project work successful.


The following definitions serve as a basis:

A project is a project that is characterized by the uniqueness of its objectives, contents and conditions and is limited in both time and money. In projects, new products and services are designed, organizations are further developed and strategies are implemented.

The project management is the application of methods, tools, techniques and skills in a project to make the actual project work efficient and goal-oriented.

The platform sees itself as an anchor point for standardized, modern and smart project management. The web presence promotes the dissemination of the ISO 21500 guideline, the build-up of knowledge among project participants and thus the chances of success of projects.


Project management is a leadership and service task that plans, supports and leads the actual project work to success. Sensible project management follows the maxim: as little as possible, as much as necessary. The ISO 21500 guidelines present project management in an understandable, concise and focused manner. They are signposts to project success.

Project management in numbers

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